Join With Us

Why join our church? Because we want you to be a member in our spiritual family. God wants a family, and he created you to be a part of it. Your spiritual family is even more important than your physical family because it will last forever.

Join our church and your spiritual family will help you with what most people struggle with in life, such as...Who am I? Do I matter?...and...What is my place in life?

If you are interested in becoming a member or just learning more about Shockoe Missionary Baptist Church, please join us for one of our many services.


One of the best ways to get connected is to identify an area in which you can serve. God intentionally gifted each of us differently for His glory and His pleasure and He calls us to use those gifts to bless those around us. To see some of these opportunities and to communicate your willingness and availability for service, please click here.

Health and Fitness Ministry

We all have the responsibility to keep our bodies healthy and physically fit.  Our Minister of health and Fitness is spiritually equipped with a vast background in the field of health and fitness.  Emphasis is placed on the health issues that commonly impact our community.  Click here more information.

Radio Ministries

Fun and Educational Games to Play On-Line ~ just click to play.