Christian Education

The Mission Statement:

The mission of Christian Education Ministries is to educate. To provide resources for learning and furthering education in a Christian environment. To educate the whole body physically but most important spiritually.


Saints perfected for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ in one's home, church and community. By exemplifying knowledge, showing Christian leadership and continually working through love.

We currently have the following programs and resources:

Orientation Class:

 Five classes designed to introduce new converts and / or interested persons to the Baptist faith and Shockoe Missionary Baptist Church.

Sunday school:


The teaching of God's profound word. Classes are offered for all ages.

Vacation Bible School:

 A one week curriculum offered in the month of June that involves interactive learning in sharing of God's word.

Tutorial Program:


A Church based program available to the community to assist students in all academic areas and for all grade levels.

Library Resource Center: 

State of the art technology with World Wide Web capabilities also available is a wide range of Bibles, books and other audible resources.