Division of Men

Men of Shockoe: Organized: March 13, 1998

Mission Statement:

To be informed committed men; reflecting the image of Christ in thought, word, action, habit, character and deed; united in fellowship; seeking to strengthen each other spiritually, physically, economically and socially; becoming stronger faithful leaders for our God, our Family, our Church, our Community and our Nation; and Spirit filled servants reaching out to help all mankind regardless of race, age, sex, Nationality or religious affiliation.

Vision Statement:

Men united with Spiritual knowledge and awareness working in harmony and fellowship on one accord seeking to do good to all mankind especially those in the household of faith.


  1. Church media ministry (dvd, cd, radio)
  2. Blood Bank
  3. Habitat for Humanity (labor/donation)
  4. Inmate Correspondence Program
  5. Chess Ministry
  6. Youth Activities

Annual Events:

  1. Prayer Breakfast
  2. Fish Fry 
  3. Men's Conference
  4. Men's Day